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Golden hour. by jacekson Golden hour. :iconjacekson:jacekson 270 19
[Sengoku Musou] - Ktory wiek jest dzisiaj?
    Po spokojnie spędzonej nocy w domu Ishidy Mitsunariego, Sanada Yukimura wstał wyspany i gotowy na nowy dzień, pełen niebezpiecznych potyczek. No, może byłby to piękny dzień, taki jak co dzień, gdyby nie jedna rzecz.
    Brunet przeciągnął się leniwie, czując coś twardego pod plecami. Otworzył oczy i usiadł, po czym stwierdził z niezadowoleniem, że wcale nie leżał na miękkiej pościeli w domu Mitsunariego, ale w jakimś śmierdzącym rowie przy lesie.
    - Co do...? - ziewnął, rozglądając się. - Gdzie ja jestem?
    - Możesz się zamknąć? Próbuję spać. - mruknął leżący obok Mitsunari, kopiąc samuraja po nodze.
    - Yukimura, zamknij okno, zimno tu. - jęknął leżący po drugiej stronie chłopaka Naoe
:iconpajeczarkaspidery:PajeczarkaSpidery 1 0
Stealth and Witchcraft      Chapter 2    Page 3 by ChloexBowie Stealth and Witchcraft Chapter 2 Page 3 :iconchloexbowie:ChloexBowie 6 3 D919 by miobi D919 :iconmiobi:miobi 149 3 Stealth and Witchcraft Comic - Chapter 2 Page 2 by ChloexBowie Stealth and Witchcraft Comic - Chapter 2 Page 2 :iconchloexbowie:ChloexBowie 5 8
An homage to a fellow writer, taffer, and friend
"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said, 'I'm here for you', and proved it."
-Author Unknown

These words, ring with more truth in this, my twenty-ninth year of life, than ever before. Over the course of my life, I have stared many false friends in the face. Friends, whom I once likened to sisters and brothers. Friends, which I one day thought I'd sit next to in the grips of age, reminiscing about the carefree and often clumsy missteps of the youth we shed long ago. Betrayal, is never more toxic, than when it comes from someone you once truly loved. These betrayals, have, in many ways made me hesitant. There was a long period of time where I completely hated the idea of becoming friends with anyone. I just wanted my writing, my dogs, and my video games. "Friendship is for the weak", I would always declare, back in those regretful days of my angsty and reserved late teens and early twenties. In many ways, I think thes
:iconpixichi:pixichi 2 7
Stealth and Witchcraft 2: Neo Vigilante Cp.35
Rushing against the wind, eyes aglow with the freedom they now relished. Hungry for warm meat. Bits of the gristle which once bore the name, Timothy Woksworth laced between the gnarled fangs of their leader. The creatures halted on the precipice of that dismal, ill-prepared city.
The woods had grown ominously silent, the owls and wolves fleeing in fear as these unspeakable demons began to growl and gnash their teeth. The false tranquility of night was shattered, by the horrific sound of many bones breaking, skin tearing, and vocal cords shredding.
Only to reknit into a most delicate form. A trustworthy and innocent one. A form which would have no trouble getting close to the ilk of this metropolis, and tearing them all asunder. It was about to begin. The City streets, would very soon run with blood.
Basso awoke within the early hours of the morning to the sound of a ruckus. The old codger had been living conveniently within the tavern's basement for years, and the usual cacophony o
:iconpixichi:pixichi 3 0
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 28 :iconpixichi:pixichi 7 4
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 27 :iconpixichi:pixichi 8 8
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 26 :iconpixichi:pixichi 7 2
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 25 :iconpixichi:pixichi 8 2
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 24 :iconpixichi:pixichi 7 2
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 23
    Pressing his finger to his lips, the thief beckoned his apprentice forward across the rafters. Gwenevere tried her hardest to refrain from making any unnecessary noise as she crept along the skinny beam. Down below, Heleana's inebriation began to wane. Her stomach began to swim with the toxins she had been consuming over the course of the evening. As her eyes swam into focus, she released a mouthful of bile onto the floor beneath her.
    Garrett's every sense was on the alert as he shimmied down a thick wooden beam, landing silently on his feet. He looked back up at a hesitant Gwenevere with welcoming eyes. Giving a swift nod and a small smile of encouragement, he waited for her to follow suit. The young woman wasn't used to such feats, and she was already quite nervous. This was her first job with Garrett. Not out of obligation; but rather, a mutual respect and loyalty. The pressure she felt at that moment was unreal. She didn't want to make even a singe mista
:iconpixichi:pixichi 5 3
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 21 :iconpixichi:pixichi 6 3
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 20 :iconpixichi:pixichi 6 3
Mature content
Stealth and Witchcraft Cp. 19 :iconpixichi:pixichi 6 3



Something strange happened: I couldn't log in to my DA account. My password didn't work... I had to change it and now it is fine. But I'm afraid that some sneaksie hacker may be taffin' arround...

Where are you, taffer boy?! Come out and fight me! xD
Submitting the Part I of my "THIEF: The Dark Age" book is done. :) I also have a lot of chapters of Part II already written - but maybe I should wait with publishing them till the interest of Polish community of DA in my work will grow. Meanwhile, some more info about the book!

The plot of TDA is fully planned since a very long time - in my mind. It just needs to be written down in a literary form. When I achieve it, it will finally contain: Prologue, Parts I-III and Epilogue. Nowadays, I have written almost 300 pages of TDA (A4 format) and I'm around the middle of Part II right now. I write TDA since 2011. Oh well :P

Me and :iconarlesienne: have done a good job with the recent chapter of Part II, so it's gonna be a little holiday with writing now. And life duties have something to say here, too.

Ask me if you wish to know anything else! Thanks! :)
Thief wallpaper 5
I've created two works at the same time: this… , and this. Hope you like it :)

Created with pencils (silhouette sketch) and GIMP (the rest).


Let the Balance be with you.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I create arts since my childhood. My style often consist in mixing traditional pencil techniques (some of them are inspirated by manga) and the GIMP program. My works mailny consist of Thief series and samurai warriors. Enjoy!

I also write a book. The title is "Thief: The Dark Age" and it is the fan-made, non-commercial, unofficial sequel to original Thief series, in a literary form. Still at production, partly published here:… . Available only in Polish (sorry, taffers all around the world. ;( ).

Welcome. Please have a seat and your glass of wine. Greetings to all sneaky taffers. :)


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Also, thanks for joining my Thief group--it's always so nice to meet a fellow taffer! :iconfoxbaibaiplz: 
KeeperHattori Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :D Good to hear that not only I had an idea to describe what was happening next after the T3. :) I see you have a lot of novels on your account - can you tell me which one is that sequel of yours? Anyway, congrats with so much works :)
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You're quite welcome. :) Ah, yes. That I do. Sweating a little... It's called "Stealth and Witchcraft".
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